A few words about me

Hi, I’m Matt

A hands on creative web developer with a passion for storytelling!

As an accomplished and enthusiastic web developer, I am always learning and evolving. Over the past 4 years I have been working in the web development sector. Initially I began collaborating with early stage startups and SME’s, providing them with innovative online solutions, more recently I have been specialising in the creative arts sector having worked with a range of theatres and venues around the world on the websites and ticketing systems.

In my spare time I am a keen runner, Liverpool FC supporter and self-confessed techie. I enjoy experimenting with graphic and video creations, bringing my own ideas to life!

What I can do

Front End Development

I bring your brand and story to life through the world of code!

When building custom themes, it is one thing making a website work, but to make it look good and engaging too is a different level. I am experienced in taking designs, typically built in Adobe XD, and transforming these from static drawings into fully fledged, responsive websites, ensuring everything is pixel perfect. My aim when doing front end work is simple, bring the website to life, tell the story of the brand and make it accessible to all.

In recent months I have been furthering my understanding of front end frameworks such as React, I have been completing a course which introduces you to the main concepts whilst creating a mini blog, I have also been confirming my understand of SASS, the CSS pre-processor I typically use in my current role.

HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap,
JavaScript & React.js (pending)

Case Study

ISO QSL Training – the development of an e-commerce website including a bespoke theme conveying the company brand

Back End Development

I take pride in building websites that are sustainable, clean and easy to use!

The majority of my experience has been creating websites on WordPress, specifically building out bespoke themes to fulfil the clients brief. Having built on a solid foundation of HTML, I am now able to transfer this knowledge to PHP and ensure that the right tools are being used to provide the client with all of their needs, this includes making use of the likes of Advanced Custom Fields and Gravity Forms.

In recent months I have been furthering my understanding of unit testing and implementing it throughout my work, this is to ensure it is always of the highest quality, I have also been getting to grips with Git and making use of version control which make my work easier to manage and maintain throughout.

PHP, HTML, Gravity Forms, ACF, Gutenberg, Unit Testing & Git

Case Study

Thursfields Solicitors – the development of a brochure website including some custom features like a conveyancing calculator

Graphic Design

I bring your story to life through design!

The world of design is a broad and complex phenomenon that’s often referred to thinking made visual. Through research and discovery I’m able to experiment with ideas, in order to find creative solutions that look good and fulfil a purpose. The majority of my experience has been using Adobe XD or Photoshop to take an idea, build out wireframes, develop these into more innovative designs before piecing it all together into a well thought out set of brand guidelines.

In recent months I have been furthering my understanding of the Adobe Suite, becoming more familiar with its tools and available functions. In addition to this, I’ve been actively taking a more mobile first approach to design, as it is often easier to start small and work your way up the other way round.

Skills – Discovery, Wireframing, Responsive Design, Adobe XD & Photoshop

Case Study

The Bewdley School – a photo centric website design to showcase the school and its core values


Why work with me


To me, the world is all about storytelling. This is also the way I approach my work, whether it be a website, a film or a photograph, a story is being shared with the world, that is something uniquely special! After all, every great design begins with an even better story!


If I don’t know how to do something, I will say, I won’t try and fake it. Honesty and trust is at the heart of every relationship, it is for this reason I like to have a mutual understanding with those I work with and for everyone to be working towards the same end goals!


Good working relationships are crucial. I like to take the time to get to know people, find common grounds and form friendships where possible. Think of me more as a creative partner than a resource, we share a vision of how we can work together to achieve your goals!


The digital world is constantly evolving and I am keen to grow with it. I am always looking for the right opportunities to learn and challenge myself, whilst keeping up to date with the latest technologies and improving my understanding of modern concepts.

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